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Benik Wrist Support Options

Benik offers an extensive line of wrist supports to meet the varying needs of your patients. Our stock wrist supports have been developed through years of working closely with medical professionals to create unique products. The result is our current product line, which combines many of our most commonly requested options.

Benik continues to foster partnerships with the medical professionals to produce custom products to meet the individual needs of each customer. If you do not see what you are looking for, custom sizing and options are available for all of Benik's splints. Shown below are examples of the most commonly ordered options.

Custom Options

A variety of options may be specified to customize many of our wrist supports. Featured here are the most commonly requested options.

Proximal Length Distal Length Thermoplastic Stays
LengthThermoplastic Stays
Specify additional proximal length Specify additional distal length Thermoplastic can be added for immobilization, support or protection (See below)
Full Velcro Partial Velcro Volar Pan Extenstion
Full or Partial Velcro® ClosureVolar Pan Extension
Full Velcro® Closure Partial Velcro® Closure A volar pan extension can be added to select supports to create a resting pan for the digits. A thermoplastic panel and Velcro® strap are added to the support to provide passive stretch and extension to the digits. The pan can be heated and reformed as treatment progresses. (Available on BD-88 and W-300 series supports — except W-304 and W-305). View the volar pan extension page to learn more. Also available in a removable version.
(Both available with added proximal length)
Dorsal Pocket Palmer Pocket
Pockets / Aluminum Stays
Dorsal Pocket with Removable Stay Palmer Pocket with Removable Stay

Thermoplastic Options

Combine the support of a custom-molded thermoplastic splint with the aesthetics and comfort of terry-lined neoprene through our patented adhering process. Choose from one of our stock W-200 and W-300 series thermoplastic splints or add thermoplastic where additional support is desired. When heated in a microwave or with an iron or hydrocollator, Benik's thermoplastic splints and components can be shaped for a custom fit. Thermoplastic supports may be reheated and reformed as needed.

Custom Thermoplastic Options

If a patient requires something other than what our stock thermoplastic splints have to offer, custom thermoplastic options may be specified. Thermoplastic can be added to most of Benik's products. Please refer to the pictures below to see the most commonly requested thermoplastic options and refer to the chart below for availability.

To order something not pictured, please provide us with a tracing of the hand, and outline the desired coverage area on both the dorsal and volar sides.

Standard Thumb Stay Standard Thumb Stay Web Space Opener
Standard Thumb StayThumb Web Space
Gives extra support for thumb abduction. Web space opener.
Dorsal Thumb Stay Thenar Stay Ulnar Stay
Dorsal Thumb StayThenar SupportUlnar Stay
Controls MCP hyperextension Supports the CMC and leaves the MCP and IP free. Controls Ulnar deviation.

Thermoplastic Availability

Item Number        Standard Thumb Stay       Thumb Web Space       Dorsal Thumb Stay       Thenar Stay        Ulnar Stay    
BD-88 N/A
RG-87 N/A
W-108 N/A
W-201 N/A
W-204 N/A
W-300 N/A N/A N/A N/A
W-302 N/A N/A N/A N/A


Supinator Strap - A supinator strap may be used in combination with many of our hand and wrist splints if supination of the affected limb is desired. Inquire about this option when ordering.

Supinator Strap


Wrist Flexion - Benik's thermoplastic 300 Series wrist supports can be molded to provide wrist flexion of 30 degrees from full extension. If a greater degree of flexion is desired, the support can be custom designed to allow the support to be molded to angles of more than 30 degrees. Desired angle must be specified when ordering. Pictured here is a W-313 with Volar Pan Extension.

Wrist Flexion



Textured Tape - The addition of Textured Tape material to Benik's wrist and hand orthotics is common when there is a need to reinforce the product against extra wear and tear. A popular application is where mouthing or biting occurs. The Textured Tape serves to improve durability of the product and may provide extra protection from self injury.

When requesting the addition of Textured Tape, please provide a detailed tracing and explanation of the desired coverage area. Note that Textured Tape is not breathable if applied to a product constructed from ventilated neoprene and may not be used where hook Velcro must fasten to the exterior of the product. The addition of Textured Tape limits the stretch of the neoprene material, and we will adjust accordingly for proper circumferential fit.

Velcro-Applied Textured Tape & Leather – Benik's textured tape is not as easily applied to some products, including those with Velcro-sensitive neoprene or thermoplastic. Velcro-backed textured tape may be a good option in these cases. The textured tape is backed with a very aggressive hook Velcro that can be applied to Velcro-sensitive neoprene and the loop-Velcro covering of our thermoplastic components. This material is available in 4" and 6" widths at any specified length. You cut the material to fit. Benik's leather material is also available with a hook Velcro backing.


Wrist Flexion


Tri-Glide Fastener & Double-Locking Velcro®

Benik has options to help secure our products from unwanted removal by patients. Contact us for availability or more information. A nylon strap with a tri-glide fastener can be added. This style of closure is more difficult to remove than standard Velcro® straps once fastened. The tri-glide is most effective on supports with existing fasteners at the wrist. Specify sewn-down or removable when ordering.

Tri-Glide Fastener

Double-locking Velcro® is an alternative to a standard Velcro® closure on our BD-88 and RG-87 items. This is also referred to as sandwich Velcro®. It consists of a double-sided layer of loop Velcro® material sandwiched between two sides of hook Velcro®.

Double Locking/Sandwich Velcro


Pediatric Finger Tubes -Available as an option that may be used with a number of Benik's pediatric wrist supports. Individual Finger Tubes  assist in supporting the DIP and PIP joints of each digit. Velcro® attachment to the dorsal side of the hand allow for adjustable extension. The Finger Tubes may be trimmed to provide better fit and desired support.


Ped. Finger Tubes Dorsal View