About Us

Milestones Therapy was established by two Occupational Therapists in 2010. They had a shared desire to achieve perfect practice with their clients, and increase carryover of treatment gains between therapy sessions.

Milestones Therapy supply a range of therapeutic products, specialising in wearable therapy products with a strong paediatric focus.

Our product range focuses on products which are wearable, encourage carryover, and allow the wearer to go about their day, whilst moving in great alignment, and practising perfect. 

Our Services;

  • Assistance with product selection and sizing
  • Quotations provided for funding purposes
  • Registered NDIS provider (can claim directly for approved products)
  • Clinical support via Zoom, email, photo/video review etc for individual clients.
  • TheraTogs Loaner program on request

TheraTogs Loaner Program

The TheraTogs Loaner Program is offered to therapists and provides an opportunity to trial a ‘starter’ system with a client.

  • Any physiotherapist or occupational therapist can request a loaner system.
  • Training is not essential, but it will help. TheraTogs supply the same stability and correctional guidance that a clinician commonly uses in therapy sessions. Your clinician already knows what she wants TheraTogs to accomplish, even if she’s never used them before. Instructional DVD’s and printed guidelines are included in each system for the first-time user. Clinical Support is also just an email or phone call away.
  • Certified TheraTogs Fitter (CTF) training and certification is available to clinicians who want to deepen their expertise, and who want their clients to know that they’ve been fully trained in TheraTogs applications.

How do I request a loaner System?  NOT AVAILABLE DURING COVID19

  • Complete both the Trial Request Form, and the Trial Terms and Conditions Form
  • Return to us via email.
  • We will send you a loaner system for the dates requested on the form, unless we do not have one available, whereby we will contact you with an alternative date.

We are here to Support you!

Milestones Therapy can assist you with any Clinical Support questions you may have in regards to the products we supply. Simply email your questions to info@milestonestherapy.com.au.  If you wish to add pictures or video for us to review, please do so, with the clients permission. All photos and video will be stored securely and deleted immediately once responded to.

Ways to connect with Clinical Support:

  • Email us at  info@milestonestherapy.com.au . 
  • Call us on 0434 853 145
  • Send photos or video for review and advice. 
  • Arrange a Zoom call with your client present.