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Happy Strap

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Product Description

  • Designed as an aid for infants and children with hypotonia (low muscle tone) to assist the control of ligament laxity and joint flexibility in the hips.
  • Happy Strap greatly assists in stabilising little bodies and helping them through their developmental milestones of sitting, crawling and walking.
  • Worn while sleeping it counteracts any tendency of the legs to splay.
  • May be worn either over or under clothing, day and night.
  • It is recommended that “pre-walkers” wear the Happy Strap over their clothes and then under clothes once walking.
  • The adjustable Happy Strap is available in sizes from newborn to 8/9 years.
  • The same principle demonstrated in the sitting position applies to the walking base – reducing a broad base to a more normal walking gait.
  • The Happy Strap also facilitates the automatic bending of the knees when walking.
  • Because the Happy Strap keeps the hips in the right position in relation to the legs, the ankles do not roll the feet inward on the instep as they tend to do when walking with a broad base.


To determine the correct size, measure the mid-thigh circumference (halfway between groin and knee) Add a thumbs width, as leg bands should not be snug on the thigh of the child. 

Compare to the chart below.

   Age                  Size                         Mid Thigh      

0-12mths             XS                         Up to 24cm

1-3yrs                  Sm                         From 24-34cm

3-5yrs                   M                          From 32-40cm

5-8yrs                    L                          From 38-48cm



Is the Happy Strap suitable for use in a swimming pool?

The Happy Strap is well-suited to being in water – either salt or chlorinated water – and is a great device for use on kids in water. We suggest that you rinse it with clear water when finished swimming, allow it to dry & it will be good to go!

Is the Happy Strap washable?

The Happy Strap is very durable and frequent washing is recommended. Just close the velcro waistband and pop the Happy Strap in the washing machine with a normal load. The Happy Strap dries extremely quickly.

What about climbing? Does the product hinder climbing?

It is imperative that the Happy Strap is positioned correctly on the child.  When the child is at the climbing age it is imperative that the Happy Strap does not sit too low down the thigh towards the knee. If anything the Happy Strap should be adjusted to sit slightly higher than mid-thigh. This way when the child lifts his leg to climb, the Happy Strap actually rises up toward the groin to allow the movement. If the Happy Strap is positioned too low down towards the knee then it will be difficult for the child to lift his/her leg to climb.

What about W-sitting?

Most healthcare professionals agree that W-sitting is an extremely bad habit and once formed is virtually impossible to rectify and reverse. The Happy Strap does not claim to prevent W-sitting, but it is seen as a preventative measure against the future tendency to W-sit if worn by the child from infancy.

What ages can wear the Happy Strap?

All ages. Happy Strap is available for newborns to size Large (8/9 years old).

What is the correct positioning of the product?

The leg-bands of the Happy Strap (the part that encompasses the thigh) must be positioned mid-way between the knee and the groin. The leg-bands must not be tight around the thigh. Adjust the side-bands to lengthen or shorten the position of the leg-bands up or down the thigh. The waistband must fit snugly, yet comfortably around the upper hip area. The waistband is not intended to fit around the navel (belly button) – rather lower around the top of the hips.





Product Videos

Happy Strap Running (01:49)
It is obviously impossible to know how Jens would be moving today it he had not worn the Happy Strap basically 24/7 from the age of about 18 months to ±3 years 6 months, so one cannot make a comparison between "with the Happy Strap" & "without the Happy Strap". Research is being done to prove the efficacy of the Happy Strap & researchers have access to groups of children which will make comparisons possible. Once this information is published, it will be available via the website - www.happystrap.co.za
  • Happy Strap Ru...
    It is obviously impossible to know how Jens would be moving to...
  • Happy Strap
    Happy Strap

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